Tax Planning

All family-owned businesses and corporations are faced with the issue of how much you should pay yourself to minimize the impact of tax. At Miralda we are familiar with a number of methods of increasing your bottom-line while lowering your pay-out of income taxes, payroll taxes, and taxes on investments. Let us show you how to lower your tax bill.

Need one-on-one tax advice? Meet with one of our knowledgeable tax professionals and get the personalized attention and support you deserve.

  • minimizing your tax bill
  • advice on CRA review or audits
  • assistance with handling disputes with CRA
  • filing a Notice of Objection
  • transferring or selling shares in your corporation
  • decisions about incorporating your business
  • advice on paying yourself salary vs. dividends
  • setting up a Holding Company
  • advice on maximizing your shareholder loans

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